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on Sundays 

Port de Grave Pentecostal Tabernacle exists to reach out and minister to the entire family. "Children are the heart beat of the church, they are the future, and they hold the key to the future." It is our desire to reach and provide an oppurtunity for children of all ages to be ministerd too and be provided a place where they can worship Jesus in their very own unique and life changing way.

We provide "Our Little Nursery" for Parents to use as a place to take their infants from ages 0-2 for feeding, changing, sleeping etc. Equipped with cribs, toys, washroom and change area, the Nursery is a pleasant place for young mothers to care for their infants while being able to "hear and see" the service taking place through the unidirectional privacy glass and intercom system.


We also have a breastfeeding room set aside for our nursing mothers, which is  located at the back of the nursery.

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